Rock Band developer Harmonix teasing next game

It appears as if developer Harmonix is gearing up for the reveal of its next game, a recent tweet from the company suggests. Best known for creating global sensation Guitar Hero as well as Rock Band and a slew of recent rhythm-based games, Harmonix is teasing a new project as seen below:

Exactly what the studio has in the pipeline remains a mystery. Looking at its recent track record there’s no telling what Harmonix is working on though, as ever, expect it to be music related in some fashion.

The team’s last release, DropMix, was easily one of its most experimental, forgoing home consoles for customizable decks of cards and a game app that syncs to its unique music-mixing dock.

After the lukewarm reception of Rock Band 4 and its Rivals expansion, it seems very unlikely that Harmonix will return to peripheral-based play. Honestly, what we’re hoping for is a worthy rival to the current king of the rhythm action scene, Beat Saber, and who else better to challenge this behemoth than the minds that once helped birth the genre?

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  1. Fingers crossed after seeing the success of Beat Saber they create something for PSVR. As much as I do love Beat Saber my favourite genre of music is Rock and Metal which Beat Saber is sorely lacking.

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