H1Z1 Season 3 goes ‘Beyond Royale’ with a 50 player Deathmatch mode

H1Z1: Battle Royale was a big hit when it launched on PlayStation 4 in the middle of last year, but for the launch of Season 3 next week on February 21st, it goes “Beyond Royale”.


In addition to tons of quality of life improvements, this season comes with a new 100 tier Battle Pass, a complimentary unlock chain for PlayStation Plus subscribers and more than 200 new cosmetic items to earn, but it’s much more than that. A new Training Grounds area lets players test out guns and loadouts to master the game, which goes hand in hand with the new ranking system and seasonal leaderboards for solos, duos and Fives.

What makes it go “Beyond Royale”, though, is a truly revolutionary concept: respawns. The free for all Deathmatch mode drops fifty players into a smaller combat zone with instant respawns and rotating weaponry, with the aim being to reach 25 kills before the timer runs out. OK, so maybe it’s not that revolutionary, but it’s sure to be a good change of pace for fans.

Source: press release

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