Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s The Price of Survival DLC tomb out now

The latest DLC tomb for Shadow of the Tomb Raider is out now, dubbed ‘The Price of Survival’, coming alongside a big update that adds the tombs from the main game to the challenge modes.

The new tomb tasks Lara with solving a puzzle to crack the codes of Trinity’s leader, taking her to a tomb filled with poisonous traps and battling elite soldiers. It’s more action oriented than most tombs, it seems, but you’ll be assisted by the new Hunter’s Array outfit, which adapts a Classic Trinity uniform to make Lara’s footsteps quieter. There’s also the Silent Sting silenced pistol and Raptor’s Eye skill to improve her tracking abilities.

By the way – and a brief spoiler alert here – The Price of Survival is $4.99 if you buy it standalone, but you can get better value if you buy it in the Season Pass, which is set at $29.99.

The tombs from the main campaign being updated include Judge’s Gaze, Underworld Gate, Howling Caves, Path of Battle, Temple of the Sun, San Cordoba, and Ancient Aqueduct, all of which are now playable in Score Attack and Time Attack modes.

Source: press release

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