Days Gone gets a new “tragic backstory” trailer

I want to like Days Gone, I really do, but so far he game really isn’t ticking the boxes. We’ve seen quite a lot of the zombies, or freakers as they called in this game, and plenty of motorcycle and combat action, but the story for the game has been kept relatively under wraps.

This new trailer teases one part of that story and shows a flashback with Deacon getting married to his love, Sarah. Deacon’s missus is “gone” in the present day, perhaps dead or more likely being kept as an emotional plot device near the end of the game.


Honestly, I want to like the game but they’re making it very hard. Dead/missing wife is hardly original, and why not have Deacon standing in the rain so it can roll down his cheek like tears as he’s too manly to cry,  and drop some thunder claps as well just to tick every cliché box.

Also, having a song play over the trailer and singing crashing on top of the dialogue from the game is just messy. Either have an instrumental or let the song convey the emotion, not both.

Days Gone is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and out on April 26th.

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  1. I’m with you on this Tuff. I find myself getting excited for it with one trailer, then left with a slightly bitter taste with the next.

    This one is the latter.

    I will be honest here, I have a horrible feeling this is going to turn out quite poor. No idea why I get that vibe though. I hope reviews prove me wrong and if they do, I’ll probably end up getting but until then, I’m back on the fence.

  2. I feel like the game is more like an episode as oppose to a fully fledged story with a clearly defined start and ending. If that’s the case, I’m fine with that. If not, it’ll be interesting to see what the narrative is.

    I think the game has lacked any coherent wrapping, as such, which is cause for concern but it still might turn out to be a gem so happy to wait and see.

  3. To be fair, dead/missing partner/kids/friends is probably one of the prevalent ‘stories’ in a zombie apocalypse situation, what else could it be?
    At least they’re making the effort to have something like a story, so I won’t blame them for it.
    I wouldn’t mind this turning out to be a good game, I’m much more looking forward to this than all those soulless Anthems, Destiny 3s, Assassins Creed 17s, etc., which all still have to prove they have a story you can call that.

    • Agreed, I’d love it to be good I do like a nice single player game with a decent story.

  4. I am a huge fan of a solid 8-12 hour campaign with great gameplay, graphics and storyline. I’m holdingout for this to turn out well, I think the way its been managed and the bits we are seeing aren’t really showcasing it, you know – doing the game justice.

    I really hope its good.

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