NERF Fortnite blasters revealed and Fortnite Battle Royale action figures launch at UK retailers

Fans of Fortnite will soon be able to shoot their friends in real life but with safe foamy bullets as Hasbro have revealed a range of NERF blasters ‘inspired’ by the game. These include the Nerf Elite Fortnite SP-L and AR-L, and the Microshots Assortment which includes mini versions of the TS, RL, and LLAMA. You’ll be able to pick them up this April in the UK.


In related news, parents will be pleased to know that a range of Fortnite action figures that was previously exclusive to Smyths Toys in the UK are now available at Amazon, Argos and Tesco. The Solo pack contains one figure and costs £4.99, Duos (two figures) will cost £9.99) and a Squad pack of four figures is £19.99 ,which means buying four single figures is actually cheaper than buying a pack of four. Hmmm.

There will be sixteen figures at launch with over 100 figures planned for this year.

Source: Press releases

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  1. Hang on, Fortnite Battle Royale figures. Fortnite is a battle royale game! This seems a bit reduntant to call it Fortnite battle royale figures. Guessing that this is the new Angry Birds and at some point, will fade away to classify itself obselete.

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