Darkest Dungeon II announced, but can it be even darker?

In a nice teaser trailer, Red Hook Studios announced a sequel to their critically acclaimed, stress and psyche torture simulator Darkest Dungeon. Though there’s no real details on when and where the sequel will release, but Red Hook must have found ways to make the game even darker and more traumatic than before.


Darkest Dungeon released in 2016 on PC, before proliferating to all major consoles and iOS in the following years – here’s our PS4 and PS Vita review. In it you inherit a manor built on catacombs filled with portals to a dark dimension, forcing you to pull together bands of adventurers to rid the place of evil. The main wrinkle in this was that your adventurers suffered stress from the horrors they face, which you manage while working through the mix of real-time exploration and turn-based RPG combat.

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