Report: Alien: Isolation animated series in production

The rumoured Alien Isolation sequel everyone wanted turned out to be a mobile game, a good one apparently, but the thirst is real for more adventures with Amanda Ripley and they may be on the way, but not in the form of a game.

Those mysterious and unnamed “sources” have told Observer that and an R-rated animated series starring Amanda is in production at Axis Animation, a company that worked on Alien: Isolation for Sega. The seven episode series might be arriving soon, possibly this April, although the platform on which it will be shown is not know. As Fox, owner of the franchise, is about to become part of the Disney empire it could be part of Disney’s new streaming services, or it may just end up on the Aliens website.


Rumours of two live action series based on Aliens have been floating around for a while, perhaps there’s been a few crossed wires and this is one of them?

Source: Observer

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  1. An animated series. Great. They expect me to watch Aliens gobbling people’s brains with my kids?
    It’s one of the biggest and most important anniversaries in the history of filmmaking, and what are they doing? Mess it up big time.

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