Hololens 2 and Kinect Azure revealed but you won’t be playing games on them


Surprise! Kinect is back! New and improved the Azure Kinect has an “intelligent edge” that combines a depth sensor, high-def camera and a fancy spatial microphone array, but it won’t be coming anywhere near your Xbox One as it’s been designed solely for use in business.

The system has already been trialled and used for self checkout systems and stopping people falling out of bed in hospitals. Microsoft say that by teaming the high definition inputs with Azure cloud the tech can be used to create advanced AI systems.

Also returning from the wastelands is the new Hololens which looks rather bulkier than the previous version but does include the Microsoft Teams software which allows for virtual collaboration. Each device will cost $3,500 or is available as part of a $125 a month subscription service, and once again is aimed solely at the business market.

Source: Engadget 1/2

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  1. The Hololens looked good on Click a few weeks back.

    Also ‘Yeti’ is rumoured to be announced at GDC next month, Google’s game streaming console.

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