Dirt Rally 2.0, Trials Rising, Stellaris & The LEGO Movie 2 each have a new launch day trailer

It’s another busy, busy day for video game launches, with Dirt Rally 2.0, Trials Rising, Stellaris: Console Edition and The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame all coming out today – OK, so LEGO is out on Friday in the UK, but it’s today in the US and I say that counts!


In an unusual demonstration of restraint, the publishers of all four have waited until launch day to post their launch trailers online. They’re all below, but if you want to know if the games are any good? Well, click the links above to head to our reviews.

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  1. Just thought I would warn the folks that want Dirt Rally 2 that the career mode needs an always-on Internet connection. That wouldn’t be too bad if RaceNet worked properly, it can take 4 mins plus just to upload your time. Codies said they have fixed it but people are still having problems with it.

  2. Just a word of warning with regard to Teials Rising. I bought it yesterday and was left with an overwhelming feeling of disappointment that private multiplayer is uniavailable at launch. After a bit of digging I have found out via Twitter that it will become available in ‘spring’. Gutted, as private multiplayer was the main reason I bought the game. Not really good enough from Ubisoft, and a disappointing trend in video games these days.

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