Singularity 5 Review

Sometimes you just want to sit and drink in a game’s aesthetic. The sheer style that some games display can be incomparable and anything short of losing yourself within them is effectively blasphemy. Singularity 5 is definitely one of these games, sporting a wonderful black and gold look that feels as though a fashion designer put together their very own dystopian future.

It would be easy to just sit with your headset on and bathe in the world and do nothing else. Unfortunately, you’ve got enemies trying to kill you in this wave-based VR shooter, but style permeates it. Every enemy is clean and clearly constructed, the weapons are stylish, the world is so good looking it is distracting; you’ll die a few times, just because you wound up looking at one of the few things that wasn’t trying to kill you. The sound design is just as awe inspiring. Each track adds gravitas to the battles you find yourself steeped in. It’s almost a shame that you’re constantly getting attacked by robots because it makes just staring at things much harder.


It’s probably a good job that you have enough firepower to take down a robotic uprising then. Especially as that’s exactly what you’re going to have to do. You have to survive an onslaught of wave after wave of robots who only dream of ending you. The attacks all have to be stopped, either by shooting the enemy before it can fire or by shooting the incoming attack itself. The sheer panic you feel when a grenade is inches from your face is incredible, and having to then shoot it in order to save yourself feels a little bit counter-intuitive at first, but it’s something that you’ll get used to the more you play.

You have a few different weapons at your disposal, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. The grenade launcher hits hard but only has three bullets in each magazine, the pistol is accurate but weak, and so on. You even get some incredibly funky future grenades to lob around. On the Oculus Touch controllers everything feels great to use. The enemies always border on completely overwhelming you, but you never feel like your tools aren’t up to the job.

This isn’t a long game, it focuses far more on being replayable and chasing scores than one emotional journey. You aren’t here for the story, you’re here for the rush of only just surviving against colossal enemies and battling against seemingly impossible odds. Your reactions and your perception will both be pushed to their limits in all five levels. The difficulty ramps up as you would expect too, even on easy mode the levels are tough.

Singularity 5 is one of those rare games that looks so good it shouldn't play well, but still does. It's an incredibly aggressive piece of interactive art, one that you can only fully experience if you're willing to don a VR headset and fight through hordes of robots with great feeling weapons. I don't know if this is a must-play game, but it's definitely a must see game. It's the kind of world that you'd happily get stuck in. Well, if it weren't for the angry robots.
  • Stunningly beautiful
  • Gorgeous music
  • Cool weapons
  • Rather short
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