There’s now a 1TB microSD card you can shove in your Nintendo Switch

Storage space is always, always at a premium in modern games consoles, and there’s the constant pain of deciding which games to delete or whether you can really justify buying another huge hard drive. Despite games being much smaller for Nintendo Switch compared to the 100GB behemoths on PS4 and Xbox One, if you’re building a digital collection of games you’ll have certainly had to fork out for a microSD card already and probably filled it up to the brim by now!

Thankfully the march of technology continues and ever bigger things get shrunk down to ever smaller sizes (and prices). Not long after the Switch’s release there was a 400GB card, then 512GB, and now SanDisk and Micron have both announced and launched the world’s first 1TB microSD cards.


The SanDisk card will be available in April for the princely sum of $449.99 (more than double the cost of a $199.99 512GB card), and boasts 160MB/s read speed and 90MB/s write speeds. The Micron card will be out in Q2, and will be “priced competitively”, but its read speeds are rated at a mere 100MB/s with 95MB/s writes.

So… do you have enough Switch games to justify spending more than the cost of the console itself on storage space?

Source: The Verge

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  1. How things change – I remember owning an Apple Quadra with a 40MB hard drive!

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