Nintendo reveal Pokémon Sword & Shield for Nintendo Switch, coming late 2019

Nintendo have just taken the wraps off a brand new and long promised Pokémon game, with Pokémon Sword & Shield coming to Nintendo Switch as the latest mainline RPG games in the series. It will be released late 2019.

The game will kick off the series’ eighth generation in style, making use of the Nintendo Switch’s power for the most graphically advanced Pokémon game we’ve seen yet. It takes place in the Galar region, blending different environments from big grassy plains through to snowy mountains in the north that’s just a little bit reminiscent of the UK. Being a mainline entry in the series, randomised encounters will be returning.

Newly discovered Pokémon include the three new starters: the grass type chimp Pokémon Grookey, speedy fire rabbit Pokémon Scorbunny and water lizard Sobble.

Announced in a special Pokémon Direct, you can catch up on the short seven minute stream here.

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  1. Ooh, this could be the game to tempt me to get a switch!

  2. This does look very good! Shame if we’re going back to random encounters though.

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