Overkill’s The Walking Dead is officially cancelled

Last week we heard rumours that Overkill’s The Walking Dead release on consoles had been cancelled and we now have the official word and it has, in fact the entire game on all formats has been cancelled as Skybound has terminated its contract with Starbreeze.

“Our creators and their stories are the core of Skybound, and since 2014 we have worked hard to expand the world of ‘The Walking Dead’ into an exceptional co-op action FPS,” said Skybound. “We did our best to work with Starbreeze and resolve many issues that we saw with the game, but ultimately Overkill’s The Walking Dead did not meet our standards nor is it the quality that we were promised.”


“We are exceedingly sorry to our fans and share their disappointment in the game. We remain dedicated to providing our fans with the most premium quality content we can offer, and will continue to look for alternative video game options for the IP.”

The PlayStation and Xbox release will no longer go ahead and the game is expected to be removed from Steam very shortly.

Starbreeze seemed to be counting on the console release to inject some funds in to the troubled company, but as that no longer and option Starbreeze may not be around for much longer.

Source: Skybound

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