Dick Wilde 2 Review

VR is still an odd space that tends to end up with a lot of shooters. It makes sense to turn the controllers in your hands into guns because they track well, and it doesn’t take much to make it fun. As a result, there’s a fairly high density of horde shooters and on-rails games knocking around. Maybe you’ve had a bad day, or you’re not interested in becoming invested in some deep and meaningful story – whatever the reason, you may just need to shoot things for no discernible reason. Dick Wilde 2 is here to serve that very specific need.

Dick Wilde 2 has a story about animals being mutated. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what the story is because it’s just a vehicle for shooting things. It’s safe to say that this is the cookie cutter version of a shooting game. Thankfully though, the shooting itself holds up rather well. Unleashing torrents of gunfire at incoming threats or bits of scenery is incredibly enjoyable, though it lacks the same polish found in a title like Robo Recall.


The enemies you fight are predominately messed up versions of normal animals. This makes them a little easier to shoot mercilessly than say a rabbit, but not quite as satisfying as zombies or something else that is less cuddly. The biggest exception to this are the boss fights, where gigantic creatures attempt to end your little journey. Each of these has weak points to attack and patterns to learn and are the real highlights of the game.

The big change from the original is that time around there’s even a co-op mode. The trouble is Dick doesn’t get any wilder when you add in a friend. Playing in co-op makes the game easier than before, and the game isn’t terribly challenging in solo anyway. It is rare that you’ll find yourself truly struggling with a level beyond just making a stupid mistake or not prioritising your targets correctly. It is fun to stand beside your friend and look out at the destruction you have wrought, but it makes each level feel almost trivial and the game less satisfying because of it.

Dick Wilde 2 does at least look nice enough. You can tell the enemies apart from everything else thanks to the bright colours used and it isn’t a bad world to slip into at all, it just isn’t all that interesting. Having your raft wind its way down the rivers could be a good chance to look out at the wonders of nature, but the style just doesn’t support that. Ultimately it means the appeal of the game is limited to how much you enjoy shooting flying fish.

Dick Wilde 2 is a fun game and not much more than that. What it lacks the complexity of other VR shooters, it makes up for it with co-op, but it's very much one of those games where once you've played one level you've played them all. It doesn't reinvent the world of shooters, but is good at the small slice it chooses to take part in.
  • Satisfying weapons
  • Simple brainless fun
  • Great co-op
  • Little long-term appeal
  • Repetitive
  • Difficulty doesn't adjust for co-op
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