Halo: Reach remaster coming to The Master Chief Collection, which is also coming to PC

Answering two persistent fan requests, 343 Industries have announced that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC, and that the first step of this will be a remaster of Halo: Reach that’s being added to TMCC in general.

While fans wait patiently for Halo Infinite, 343 Industries have spent the last year fixing the mess that was The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, overhauling it to support Xbox One X enhancements and fix the broken multiplayer matchmaking, and then adding it to Xbox Game Pass last September. That work was done with an eye to then bringing the collection to PC, with all the niceties that PC players would expect.

However, it won’t all be dropped onto PC at once, it will come one by one, starting with a new remaster of Halo: Reach, updating it with 4K, HDR and everything else TMCC now offers. This will then be followed with individual, separately purchased games in chronological order. So that’s Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST (Campaign), and Halo 4.

For players on Xbox One who already have TMCC or Xbox Game Pass, Halo: Reach’s multiplayer will be added into the mix for free, but its campaign and Firefight will be premium add ons, similar to ODST.

All of this will happen sometime this year, and will see Microsoft bring the game collection to Windows 10 via their own storefront and also via Steam.

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  1. The bigger news with this is that its releasing on Steam.

    • I highly recommend playing all Halo campaigns. If you purchase the new expansion you should play the campaign before even touching any other aspect of the game.

  2. Although I played the local multiplayer to death with friends, I never played any of the single player campaign. Is it worth giving it a go?

    • They have their moments! The music is always good and there’s some cool battles, but the first one feels pretty old-school these days.

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