Gaga oh-la-la! Lady Gaga rumoured to be joining Cyberpunk 2077

Is that alright?

Lady Gaga may have had a million reasons to visit CD Projekt Red recently but the paparazzi, in this case French website Actugaming, suggest in wasn’t to just dance. They think she was there to record a motion capture performance for Cyberpunk 2077.

Whilst we can class this as a shallow rumour it is known that Gaga is a huge gamer, recently tweeting her frustration when trying to beat Bayonetta 2 on the harder difficulty levels, she was on the edge of glory but kept failing.

However, to add fuel the fire the official Cyberpunk 2077 twitter account replied to a nonsensical tweet from the performer last year with an equally obtuse response.

CD Projekt Red are keeping a poker face and not commenting on the rumours but have tweeted again, this time with a gif of robot which you could interpret as showing the lid being lifted off a record or song.

Source: Actugaming

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