There is a mutant soap opera game coming to PlayStation 4 this year


You really have to think outside the box these days to find a game concept that hasn’t already been done, we’ve had goat simulators, willy battling party games, gay dad adventures, even an octopus trying to hide in plain sight, but I don’t ever remember there being a mutant soap opera game.

Step forward Mutazione, “an adventure game where the juicy gossip is just as important as the supernatural”. The game is set one hundred years after the impact of a large meteor, named Moon Dragon, which smashed in to a tropical holiday resort. Most people died but those who survived began to mutate and founded their own community.

You play as Kai, a young woman who has travelled to the Mutazione to look after her sick grandfather. “As you nurse your grandfather back to health, you make new friends, discover old betrayals, unravel long-kept secrets, and try to save everyone from a mysterious darkness at the heart of it all”, explains Hannah Nicklin, Writer and Narrative Designer at developers Die Gute Fabrik.

I think that looks great, rather like someone had made a drama in the classic game Another World. Definitely going on my ones-to-watch list when it launches later this year on PS4 and PC.

Source: PS Blog

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