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What We Played #390 – DMC 5, One Piece: World Seeker & The Division 2

We’re living in exciting times. There seems to be an amazing game out every week at the moment, and this week will almost certainly have me walking to the shops to pick up The Division 2. That’s not to say that I’m done with Anthem, or DMC 5, or any number of other games. Still, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time for a near-unlimited looter shooter, right?

I am, however, done with my One Piece: World Seeker review, which manages to be distinctly worse than One Piece Unlimited World Red (which, alongside with Darksiders II, is probably my most-bought game across multiple formats, because… well… reasons).

Aran has gone back to the ridiculously huge AC Odyssey to try and finish it at some point this year. “I also made the silly decision to start Breath of the Wild which will accompany me while I’m in India. I have Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle as a backup for the trip.” That sounds like the best break ever to me.

Jason has already been playing lots of The Division 2 because people like his cheeky face. He’s even enjoying it, which seems doubly unfair, saying that it is “incredibly good and a great example of what a looter shooter can be”. He’s also played even more of DMC 5 which is gloriously over-the-top and fun. Unfortunately, he had another go at some Anthem too.

Steve has had a fairly quiet week. “Finished replay of the satisfying, if sprawling, Darksiders 2. I’ve been toying with doing it again on high difficulty for the platinum, but doubt I’ll bother. I also put some time into a few indie games for review and spent what felt like hours waiting for Dom’s PS3 to install an update so I can get cracking with Ni no Kuni and Demon’s Souls. I missed that whole console, so I’m going to rattle through the list of essential exclusives.”

Nick P is still playing DMC5 as well! He’s also been playing Beat Cop for review, Motorsport Manager for Switch, Samurai Showdown, Hardcore Blackout and Apex Legends, “which I’m starting to think is pure dump”.

Tuffcub gave me three guesses, but then told me that it’s Destiny 2. I’m going to take my three anyway though so, was it Super Mario Odyssey? Maybe Forza Horizon 4? What about Super Meat Boy? Oh, it was Destiny 2. This was fun though. Let’s play again next week?

Someone who didn’t have fun this week was Ade, who played Eternity: The Last Unicorn for review “which sucked pony balls”. He also played Hell Warders “which, despite my initial expectations being very low, was a lot of fun”. He also got back into Onrush; “man, that game is awesome. So many more people playing it now since last time I played it too – thanks PlayStation Plus!”

Jim was another of the team who got to spend some absolute loads of time with The Division 2. “Have to say, I bounced off the first game pretty hard. Ubisoft clearly had some great ideas but the execution really wasn’t there, so it’s great to see them take another crack at it. Thoroughly enjoying my time switching between solo, co-op, and competitive play”. He also fired up his PlayStation Vita for some classic Crash Team Racing. “I’m looking to get the Story Mode wrapped up once again before Re-Fueled arrives in a few months!”

Gareth has had a busy week, playing some RBI19 Baseball and 12 is Better than 6 for review, as well as Diablo 3, Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2 VR, Skyrim VR, Wolfenstein 2 and also Jurassic Park Evolution. Miguel had to suffer through our Left Alive review, “which made me kinda want to just stop playing video games forever”. He also played The Princess Guide for review, and dabbled in some Downwell and Assault Android Cactus+.

Last and always least, Tef played a game where you hit balls with big sticks (Snooker 19) and another where you tramp around Washington DC shooting bad dude (The Division 2).

Now then, what have you all been playing?

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  1. I literally just hit the platinum in AC Odyssey while also completing all the side quests. You’d think I would be a little bored after 180 hours but I’m excited to start the DLC. It’s such a satisfying game to play and I’ve had a great time!
    Looking forward to some co-op action in The Division 2 this weekend with my brother. It seems to be a decent improvement on the first.
    Also want to squeeze in some DMC5 at some point.

  2. Lego MARVEL Super Heroes this week and nab a Platinum tonight when I reach 1 Billion Legos.

  3. Actually finished The Witness and didn’t cheat! Pretty chuffed tbh because A) I’m stupid and B) I have very little patience. Still have absolutely no idea what it was all about, but definitely enjoyed the puzzles and exploring the island.

  4. More of FFXV, since I picked up the DLC on sale. The 3 episodes were entertaining little distractions. The Comrades multiplayer stuff is quite fun. Even if the AI is a bit crap at times. Unless “watch the battle from a safe distance” is a good tactic?

    And speaking of Final Fantasy, I gave the free Dissidia NT thing a go. That’s all I have to say about that one. Draw your own conclusions.

    VR fun was more Firewall, of course. And Honor and Duty, which still looks crap but is entertaining chaos if you get a full 32 player game. And I might have picked up Rush VR in the sale. Surprisingly comfortable to play. You would think flying down the side of a mountain would reintroduce your breakfast to the world, but no.

    And finally the sale tempted me with Victor Vran. Who doesn’t like a Diablo-style game full of loot? Enjoying it so far.

  5. Just stumbled by chance about a mobile (!) game this week, which is a kind of gaming I avoided for many years. Alto. Highly addictive, but no trophies …

  6. Almost done with Metro 2033 and i’ve made a start on Wolfenstein The Old Blood and a few more goes at Counterspy.

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