Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch in April, and will get Xbox Live features [update]

After years in development, Cuphead was a big exclusive indie hit for Xbox One, when it arrived back in 2017, but come 18th April, it will be exclusive no more, as it comes to Nintendo Switch.

Here’s the wonderfully weird announcement trailer.

Cuphead is a tough as nails side-scrolling shoot ’em up with a classic animation style that instantly caught people’s attention. In our review, Dave wrote, “Cuphead was well worth waiting for. It provided exactly what Studio MDHR said it would be – a boss rush with plenty of well-designed bosses and gorgeous presentation that mimics the Fleisher brothers’ art style.”

Update: Writing on Xbox Wire, Chris Charla, Senior Director of ID@Xbox, revealed that Cuphead will gain Xbox Live features on Nintendo Switch. They won’t be there at launch, but will appear in a post-launch update, and has been given its blessing by Nintendo to do so. It’s not unprecedented – Minecraft has Xbox Live on Switch – but with no online multiplayer it’s confusing as to why it would be accepted by Nintendo.

Hellblade is also coming to Switch, and with Ninja Theory now owned by Microsoft, it’s quite possible that a similar situation will occur there.

While the game is coming to more gamers next month, gamers can also expect more game in the not too distant future. Announced last year, Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC is due to arrive at some point in 2019. Then again, it took them so long to develop the original, a delay or two wouldn’t be that unexpected!

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  1. So what are the chances of a PS4 version now then?

    They did say a couple of years ago that there won’t be a PS4 version. But also said it’s an XBone “console exclusive”. Which turns out to be a lie now.

  2. Obvious highlight of today’s indie presentation. Have been holding off picking up the Xbox One version since launch, hoping it would eventually come to Switch so I’m very chuffed :)

  3. The game will have xbox live achievements as well, so looks like some deal between Nintendo and Microsoft

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