Control, Journey to the Savage Planet, and The Outer Worlds all become Epic Games Store exclusives

Epic have picked up another trio of exclusives to go alongside the Quantic Dream trilogy with Remedy’s highly anticipated game Control as the star attraction. Joining that will another title published by 505 Games, Journey to the Savage Planet, the debut title from Typhoon Studios.

It has also been announced that Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds will also be exclusive-ish to the Epic Game Store, but also coming to the Windows store. All three games will be exclusive for twelve months.


As soon as a game is announced as an exclusive to the EGS the internet fills up people saying they won’t use the store but sales figures seem to suggest otherwise. It has been revealed that the first month sales of Metro Exodus and around 2.5 times higher than that of it’s predecessor, which launched on Steam.

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Source: Press release / Dualshockers / Twitter

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  1. Are you really using Metro Exodus sales to suggest the Epic store is good for sales? How much more would it have sold if it was on Steam?

    The second game sold more in the first week than the first game ever sold. Maybe. Hard to find actual evidence for that claim, and it may only apply in some countries.

    So maybe 2.5 times more than the previous game is a terrible result. We don’t know, because it wasn’t released on Steam to see how many it would sell that way.

    Of course, Epic might have an idea how popular it would be on Steam if they’ve been “accidentally” grabbing everyone’s Steam data.

    • It’s in the ballpark. Exodus had a 50% jump in the UK at retail, and while we don’t know the last few months yet from Sony, the digital sales split for PS4 is likely to be in the 40-45% range. Let’s call it 50%. That puts Exodus at three times the console sales compared to Last Light.

      2.5 times the sales with a 90% cut earns you more than 3 times the sales with a 70% cut. Even accepting a dip, even accepting some backlash and people boycotting the game on Epic, it would need to be a bigger shift than that to have a major impact and, for publishers and developers, it might be worth it to break up Steam’s hegemony.

  2. Its sold 2.5 more, and also gets them a fuck load of more money than vs Steam. I think they are very happy with the result.

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