What We Played #391 – The Division 2, Ni No Kuni & Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

I’ve been really enjoying gaming recently. That’s likely because I’ve been lucky enough to review some great games, but also because the standard of games we’re getting now seems higher than ever. The Division 2 has been a great surprise, and I’m enjoying jumping on for short bursts just to clear the map a little more, and reduce those Hyenas’ hold on Washington DC.

I also played some more DMC5, but it’s giving me serious hand cramp as I try to get to those top-tier combo rankings. I think I might just forget about them for now and enjoy the story. Besides them I’ve started an indie game called Elli for review, and played yet more Monster Hunter World as I try to perfect my end-game armour build.

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2, which would be boring, if not for the fact he’s actually played something else as well! He’s also played Rico for an upcoming review, as well as Spyro, though he soon gave up on the purple dragon in favour of playing some more Destiny 2. So… I guess that’s progress?!

Aran is away in India and has been playing Breath of the Wild and Kingdom Battle. “In BotW I got my first horse, stepped on some flowers, got attacked and died a lot. I’ve also climbed a couple of towers and completed some shrines.” Nicole has predominantly been sinking her teeth into a game she’s unable to talk about for a while (which is a mean thing to tell us really), but could tell us that she’s been tended to her farm on Stardew Valley for Vita – “A deadly port that has consumed a worrying amount of my free time. Why do I have to be such a sucker for farming sims?”

Jason has continued to plug away at The Division 2, “which is lots of fun, but says nothing”. He’s also handled our Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice review, “which is just amazing and I love it.” Steve has just been playing Ni no Kuni this week. “Loving it” he said. “Lives up to my years of expectations and is just my dream JRPG. Plus Mr Drippy is my new favourite gaming character – there’s tidy.”

Ade has recently become horrendously addicted to Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. “I played the game when it first came out but it left me cold. However, on a whim I downloaded it again and am now absolutely loving it. The platforming is just so accomplished and satisfying. Yeah, the combat kinda sucks, but it doesn’t get in the way too much. The sexy slow-mo of the baddies appearing for the first time is both weird and arousing.”

It’s been “a pretty usual week” for Nick P. “More Blackout shenanigans, still playing DMC5, Motorsport Manager and that’s about it”. Meanwhile, Miguel has played a bunch of weird old PS2 gems. “I played Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, I played a weird Shaman King tactics RPG/fighting game mashup, and I played the greatest action game of all time, Gackt’s very own Bujingai.” On top of that he also played Fate/Extella Link for review, and messed around a bit more with Ape Out.

Gareth has been playing Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered, RBI Baseball, and Rollercoaster Tycoon World, all for review. “I’ve also played a little Borderlands VR and the demo for Moss, which features an adorable mouse with a sword!”

Jim has been continually chipping away at The Division 2 and is still thoroughly enjoying it. “I’ve been taking my time about it, too, exploring Washington DC and flitting between the Dark Zone, PvP, exploration, and story missions. I’ll hit the endgame by this weekend so very excited for that too!”

He’s also been spending a lot more time with his PlayStation VR this week. “Those new tracks for Beat Saber are simply astounding and I’ve also had my VR/mix courtesy from Electronauts. It’s not exactly a game per se, but gives you the tools to remix popular dance and house tracks in a way that’s tactile and intuitive.”

Finally, Tef has just turned on Generation Zero for the first time. This after spending the week hopping in and out of Apex Legends and its unexciting battle pass (but the game’s still plenty fun), and the simply adorable Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Same as last week really.

    Firewall and Honor and Duty in VR. HaD’s new free for all mode is fun, but had a slight problem in that as soon as you die, you can’t afford anything other than the worst of the guns. Which makes things challenging. No real easy way to come back from that. Somewhat impressively, there was a new update the next day that says it’s fixed that issue.

    Foreign people (I’m guessing possibly Dutch or German) found it amusing when I loudly declared “Bollocks!”. Mild English swearing seems to amuse the rest of the world. So we had several people all running around saying “Bollocks!” at everything. VR people are friendly and entertaining.

    And some more of Victor Vran from whichever sale that was. Ran in to a bit of a difficulty spike (unusually large spike for a Diablo-style loot collecting game), so switched worlds for the slightly mad Motorhead DLC.

    Now I just need to avoid the 17 new sales.

  2. Got LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Platinum on Sunday again on the PS3… decided to return to Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and oh boy oh boy now I remember how tough the Kombat Challenges were and failed to ace’d them. Chucked it away to gather dust again and tried X-Blades…. I for the life of me have no clue of where I am suppose to go or do and I hate the jumps… gave that up after just a day.
    This weekend the flu is almost gone (finally) going to play Tomb Raider to continue where I left off and to help B_Cambo with For Honor that I forced him to get back on it and get the Plat since it was free for this month and he is very close to the Platinum. I have never been so proud :)

  3. Got slightly addicted to Mario Odyssey and went from having about 30 moons, to over 500, ha! Amazing game.

    Tried the Splatoon 2 demo, but didn’t really enjoy it. Wife has been rinsing Tetris 99. Her best finish so far was 8th.

    Got Yoshi Crafted World coming next week.

  4. I’m still getting signed out of the website randomly every day or two – often whilst i’m typing a comment, like last night i completed typing what i played this week and when i clicked POST COMMENT it told me i had to sign in.

    Anyway, not much this week as i was away for St Pats wknd, some Metro Last Light before i realised i only had the trial and not the full game. And more Counterspy, had to restart as i somehow managed to discontinue my saved game but it’s a great little game and i’m enjoying it all over again.

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