Report: Two new Nintendo Switch consoles on the way [UPDATE]


The Wall Street Journal are reporting that Nintendo are to launch two new versions of the Switch console, a cut down bargain price model and a more expensive premium version, with both launching sometime this summer with a possible E3 reveal.

The less powerful Switch will come with HD rumble, although I suspect they will trim a few other things as well as removing just that won’t make much difference to the price. It is also said the cheaper version has a “surprising shape”, so perhaps it no longer docks with television.

The premium version is said to be “high-performance and high-specs” so may come with more storage and a slightly better CPU, but it still won’t be near the specs of a PS4 or Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch was the best selling console last year but it is coming towards the middle of it’s lifespan. Sony and Microsoft had success with the enhanced versions of their consoles so it doesn’t seem far fetched that Nintendo would do the same, but would you pick up one of the new versions? Let us know in the comments!

Source: WSJ

UPDATE: Eurogamer say “sources close to Nintendo” have confirmed the plans to them and tha,t as I predicted, the budget version will be a handheld device only, no TV dock. It will also be “kid proof” and made of a more robust plastic.

They also say the enhanced version is said be “comparable to the one received by the 3DS upon its New 3DS relaunch”. Nintendo have issued the usual “we do not comment on rumour and speculation” response.

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  1. We got our Switch at xmas and it’s become our main games console now. Can’t really see any need for a premium version though? Storage isn’t really an issue, like it is on PS4. And all the games I’ve played have run smoothly and load quickly. Interesting you say it’s coming to the middle of its lifespan. Still feels so fresh and new to me, but then I guess I was late to the party!

    • It’s into its third year, which is typically when revised hardware and cost reductions are made. Nintendo are also typically quite keen to enhance their handhelds in some way, the only question is how they might have done so when Nvidia don’t really have an equivalent mobile chipset from the last year or two.

  2. I’m tempted by the cut down one as there are only a few Switch games that I’d like to play. It needs to be quite a saving over the original though.

  3. Depending on the cost of the cut price one, I may be tempted so I could leave my original switch docked to tv at all times. Would have to be suitably cheaper though. Looking forward to seeing the two options when ninty are ready to reveal all.

  4. I haven’t bought a Nintendo console since the SNES, it’s been PlayStation ever since and it won’t be changing any time soon. How different it could have been if the N64 hadn’t suffered delay after delay.

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