R-Type 2 Final is a thing and it’s making my pants very, very moist

R-Type is the best side ways scrolling shooter and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. A version of the original game and it’s sequel recently showed up on the PlayStation Store in the shape of R-Type Dimensions EX, which included a version with the original graphics and an enhanced version with better, although not stunning, graphics.

Granzella have now announced R-Type 2 Final, a complete remake with super spiffy graphics and gameplay that has been tweaked for today’s modern 16:9 displays. It will also include a load of classic ships and weapons, and a difficulty level that adjusts to suit your skill.

R-Type 2 Final is coming to PlayStation 4, other formats and a release date have yet to be announced.

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  1. whaaaat! how dare you..Defender was the best side scrolling shoot em’ up i’ll have you know..

  2. Yeah sorry Tuffcub, it is Defender. You can have second place.

  3. Did 2 people really just claim Defender is better than R-Type?? It’s got 1 level and half a dozen enemy types, which all look shit, compared to all that lovely stuff in R-Type and freaky HR Giger inspired bosses.

    While you’re outside fighting them TC, can you give them a very disapproving look from me too, please?

    • As much as r-type may be a great game I won’t deny it that. I do believe defender came first. Yes original is never going to be as good as the new but you can’t say the new is best without paying due respect to what’s paved the path to where we are today. Defender is amazing but r-type has its moment to prove itself now.

  4. Is this not R-Type Final 2 rather than R-Type 2 Final and therefore a sequel rather than a remake?

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