Rainbow Six Siege event is totally fabulous and full of unicorns

We love a bit of humour here at TSA Towers but over the years we’ve grown weary of April 1st. We scurry into our bunker, batten down the hatches, and tuck into our dwindling biscuit rations, trying our best to ignore the barrage of joke headlines and craftily photoshopped images.

Game devs and publishers love to get in on the action too though most of their gaffs are a quick flash in the pan. Ubisoft Montreal has upped the ante, however, kicking off a fabulous week-long event for its popular online shooter, Rainbow Six Siege.


Dubbed “Rainbow is Magic”, the event takes the game’s often serious, grounded tone and paints it pink, with a plenty of glitter and unicorns to go around.

By logging in between now and April 8th, you’ll get access to a special playlist and cosmetic items. The playlist offers a silly twist on Siege’s Plane map, turning it in a scene from a small child’s playroom, complete with toy soldiers, and a narrator who sounds like they’re reading from a storybook.

The new influx of items are just as funny and garish with 17 to unlock, including costumes, weapon skins, and charms. If you ever wanted to dress Tachanka up as a unicorn then now is your chance. To help unlock these, you can participate in new Ubisoft Club challenges.

Source: Rainbow Six Siege

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