VooFoo announce This Is Snooker, bundling in This Is Pool and Stephen Hendry

Though they announced This Is Pool back in September, VooFoo’s plans for their next billiard ball game have got bigger and better. More specifically, the table has got bigger. THat’s right, they’re now developing This Is Snooker, and they’ve brought snookering great Stephen Hendry out of retirement to help them do so.

The game is coming soon to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, but they’re curiously bundling both pool and snooker together in This Is Snooker – Pool Deluxe Edition in the EU, and as This Is Pool – Snooker Deluxe Edition in the US, because that’s not confusing in the slightest! This Is Pool will also be available separately.

Hendry’s inclusion has seen him come in to help advise VooFoo on what snooker is all about. He’s in the game as an AI opponent and a mentor who will give ‘Cue Tips’ in video form to help improve you play. Key moments from his playing career will also be included as a series of arcade scenarios.

The bundle has been built on VooFoo’s latest in-house engine and physics model, featuring six detailed locations with dedicated careers for pool and snooker, mini games, trick shots, and plenty of multiplayer.

Source: press release

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