What We Played #393 – EGX Rezzed, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice & Shenmue

The overwhelming majority of TSA’s writers have swanned off to EGX Rezzed today, to wander round playing pixel art roguelites and the like – they’re Tuffcub’s favourite, after all. I actually went yesterday, checking out RAD from Double Fine, one of the lesser known Games Workshop licenses, the car-based strategy game Dark Future, and a smattering of other things. When not at Rezzed, Apex Legends has remained the gaming mayonnaise to my life, amidst a handful of games I’m gradually working on reviewing.

I say gradually, because you might have noticed a few subtle tweaks to TSA’s site design. Comment counts are now all over the place once more, we’ve fixed pagination in places, tweaked font sizes that had escaped us before, and made thumbnails actually work properly across the board. There’s also the foundations for some exciting things to come in the next month or two.

Jason dropped by first to tell us that he’s played more Sekiro – he’s about 90% Sekiro at this point – a game called Photographs and Risk of Rain 2. Meanwhile, Nic B locked himself in a bunker to try and get through Persona 5. He’s nearly there, but then had to head to Rezzed yesterday, as did Nicole.

Steve is finally done with Ni no Kuni, having done everything but the grindiest of collection trophies, so he’s moved on to messing around with some Shakespeare related games for a public lecture he’ll be giving in Manchester.

Having never had a Dreamcast, Jim has played Shenmue’s remaster – “The story is far from ground-breaking and the voice acting is unmistakably of its time yet I’ve fallen in love with just how immersive the game is,” he said – before stepping back to Patapon Remastered on PS4 and Crash Team Racing on his Vita.

It was finishing off Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Aran, while Tuffcub has been picking his Rezzed outfit, playing RICO and (obviously) Destiny 2.

The third and final Nick has also been playing Sekiro, but braggart as he is, he said, “I don’t get why people think it’s hard.” Alright, Nick. He’s also played the new Alcatraz map in Black Ops 4 Blackout and is enjoying the change of pace.

It’s been more Sekiro for Rebecca, as well, while Ade played the other Japanese soulsbourne game, Nioh, which he’s using to research for a new Playing with History, while Miguel has played a bunch of Under Night In Birth and Street Fighter 4 with his roommates, and Mechstermination Force.

Last but not least, Dom’s been winning “pub pub” awards and playing a heady cocktail of Monster Hunter: World, Mechstermination Force, Anthem, Cuphead, Bow to Blood Last Captain Standing, “and probably more Tomb Raider, but I’m finding it so by the numbers I can’t remember if I did or not.”

Now then, what have you all played this week?

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  1. You might have made a few tweaks (comment counts is a good one), but for some reason, this isn’t showing up on the front page.

    This week has been the same as last week, really. More Firewall plus some Honor and Duty in VR. Top marks for the continuing development on H&D from a tiny team (is it 1 or 2 people?). A new map suddenly appeared, which isn’t something you can say about Firewall recently. Oddly enough, the new map is suspiciously similar to 1 of the maps in Firewall. Except it’s comically small for 2 teams of 16. Still well worth the £7 for owners of fancy hats.

    And some Agents of Mayhem, which I’m quite enjoying. Definitely a lot better than was claimed at the time.

    Plus the PS+ games. Conan Exiles has some weird issues with nudity, which didn’t seem to want to happen at first. And then it did, and I realised that (a) penises don’t look or behave like that (not that I’m an expert, but I may have seen 1 or 2 in my time), and (b) the game really is shit. I might just delete all 76GB of it. Or maybe get the trophies first, which allegedly involves very little work and the admin menu.

    The Surge is much better, although I’m not sure I can face the whole kill stuff, die from a boss and grind lots of killing the same thing until “die from a boss” stops happening. It’s always the first boss that takes far too many attempts to kill in those sorts of games, isn’t it?

    • Forgot to check the special box that makes it appear in the features, and so it wasn’t anywhere on the front page.

  2. That article was hidden from me too, as are all others, not appearing in my RSS feed anymore…

    Cleaned off some ancient Plus backlog games like Strider and Aaru’s awakening, which were gone from my HD in seconds (well, probably minutes, but very few). But I got a little hooked with Counterspy, that one is quite good.

    Otherwise, I’m slightly stuck with Resident HD, and am very seriously considering buying RE2 in the current sale. I kept myself from buying it since January…

    Oh, and, of course, I’m getting my weekly fix of these Alien shorts, even though they’re only on IGN. A starved fan is happy about anything, even if it is not Alien:Isolation 2 just yet.

    • Yeah, I checked the wrong box, which meant it wasn’t posted on the front page. The RSS feed should still be working fine, though, at least, I can see this post in my RSS feed from TSA.

      You’ve emailed me in the past about things, I believe. Would you be able to send me the RSS subscription bits and bobs that you’re using? I’m currently still fine using http:///www.thesixthaxis.com/feed/ but you might be better off with the same with https.

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