Xbox Live subscriptions are getting more expensive in the UK next month

Paying to take your gaming online is one of the less popular things about modern gaming, but it’s one that we begrudgingly accept, shelling out for PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold and Nintendo Switch Online. For those of us in the UK, Xbox Live Gold is about to get 25% more expensive, jumping from £39.99 to £49.99 for a year-long subscription, from £14.99. to £17.99 for three months, and from £5.99 to £6.99 for a single month. The new pricing will come into effect on 8th May, but those with existing subscriptions will only be automatically charged the new price form 7th August.

Outside of the three month price (which remains a bit cheaper), it brings Microsoft’s pricing in line with that of Sony’s PlayStation Plus, which received its own price hike back in 2017. Xbox Live Gold has stayed at the same price for a long time, so it’s bound to get a bit of a negative reaction, but it is also worth remembering that the comparative value is better for Xbox Live Gold thanks to receiving four games per month, while PlayStation Plus has recently reduced its offerings to two games per month.


Microsoft have sent out messages to users through Xbox Live to notify them of the change, but also responded to Windows Central’s request for comment:

To ensure gamers have consistent pricing for Xbox Live Gold across Europe we are making changes to UK pricing from May 8th. Prices will rise by £1 a month for our monthly subscriptions, £3 for our quarterly subscriptions and by £10 a year for an annual membership. This new pricing is aligned to the changes we made in the region in 2016 as we strive to offer our members premium gaming and entertainment services at a fair price. We have notified members whose accounts are on recurring billing in the UK so they are aware well in advance.

Source: Windows Central

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  1. OUTRAGEOUS! Nah, only kidding. I take little to no issue with this sort of caper. At the end of the day whoever is paying (whether it be new service members of existing) are making an informed decision. We all know what we’re getting for a known cost. Want it? Subscribe. Don’t want it? Don’t. It’s simple commerce.

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