Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update answers The Hunter’s Call with fishing, cooking & harpooning

One year on from its original, somewhat puzzling and yet oddly compelling release, Sea of Thieves is about to receive its biggest update yet. The appropriately titled Anniversary Update will feature a new competitive mode called The Arena, but alongside that will come The Hunter’s Call, a new bundle of characters, story and features for the main game. The Anniversary Update is out on 30th April.

As you see, Merrick from The Hungering Deep has set up a new trading company with his family called The Hunter’s Call, in which you’ll be, well, hunting!

There’s a whole new fishing mechanic in the game with proper reeling and pulling to actually catch them, and with different types of bait to tempt certain rare fishies. Sell them to the Hunter’s Call clan for cash (and fancier fishing rods to buy), or cook up a storm with a variety of different ingredients, from tomatoes and coconuts to good old bananas. You can use other meats from animals you can catch. You’ll have to cook things to perfection for them to give you a good health boost, because too much or too little will break your teeth and make you vom.

You can also fish for much bigger sea beasts with the two harpoon guns on the front of each ship. They can also be used to pull items out of the sea or tether yourself to enemy vessels and pull them in. You can even use them to tether to the world and use that to help you pull sick Hollywood manoeuvres.

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  1. Hat’s off to them for sticking with and expanding on their vision for SoT after the lacklustre launch.

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