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What We Played #395 – World War Z, Days Gone & Mortal Kombat 11

I hope most of you are getting to enjoy the start of your long Easter weekend today. Not only that, but Mr. Blue Sky has come out to play, giving us all the quandary of deciding between hiding indoors and catching up on games or going outside and, because it’s slightly sunny, having an impromptu barbecue.

This past week, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying My Time at Portia on console, but can’t really decide whether I prefer the game on PlayStation 4 (where it’s really pretty) or Nintendo Switch (where it’s not quite as pretty, but it can be played on a train and has slightly shorter loading times!). With the “thicc-boi” balance update and the XP boost events, I’ve also hopped back into Apex Legends and been on a bit of a hot streak, racking up five or six wins in the last two days!

Gamoc chimed in first to say that he played, reviewed and was disappointed by both RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures and RBI Baseball 19, deciding to console himself with some Fallout 4 and Diablo 3, before joining the World War Z crew to help with that one’s review.

Also on the crew are Aran, Nicole and Tuffcub, who’ve been teaming up for a few sessions earlier this week. Before getting his copy, Tuffcub played Destiny 2, obviously, while Nicole has supplemented it with a bit more Hollow Knight and Aran managed to get to Sparta in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, playing with a new Alpine Green DualShock 4.

Jason’s has also been playing WWZ, saying that it “is fun, but I need to sink more time in before a verdict.” And has paired this with some more Risk of Rain 2 and some other games he’s reviewing and can’t talk about yet. Tom also had some early thoughts on WWZ, saying it’s “basically Left 4 Dead but with even more zombies,” and he’s been plugging away at the endgame in The Division 2.

Supplementing his usual stints of Sekiro and Black Ops 4 Blackout, Nick has been struggling to work his way through The Padre, a game which ought to be checking all the boxes for him, but isn’t. He also went to a pre-launch Mortal Kombat 11 event, and while he didn’t do too well in the little tournament they set up, he did get to batter Jim who was also there.

Maybe Jim was a little saddle sore? He’s been reviewing Days Gone for us, but can’t say anything more about that for a little while yet. In his downtime, he’s been “cooling off” with a few minutes of Patapon Remastered at a time.

He’s had a bit of “real world stuff” going on, so all Steve has had time for this week was Heaven’s Vault and Snooker 19 (which is just Snooker and not much more than Snooker).

Miguel was sadly fifth in line for a WWZ code, so he’s instead been playing Yuppie Psycho for review, “which is a really rad horror adventure game”, some Final Fantasy X HD collection and VA-11 HALL-A on Switch, and Moero Chronicle Hyper for review, “which was uh….definitely an experience.” You’ll be able to read aaaaall about that next week.

Lastly, Dom has been kept thoroughly busy by his pub – it’s the Dark Souls of the service industry every time a holiday and good weather rolls around – but has found time to play Monster Hunter: World, Onrush, Forza Motorsport 7 and a bit of Cuphead on Switch. He was hoping to tell you all how fabulous Cuphead is on the handheld, but then the pub happened. He’ll tell you next week instead!

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. I’ve made a start on Dreams, just getting through the tutorials and checking out some creators content so far. I was mostly interested it for the music editor – there are only two audio tutorials so getting to grips with the audio tools is a bit overwhelming atm. In the meantime i’ve decided to do the other (build) tutorials and as i progress little ideas are forming about how i could utilise what i’m learning for my own projects.
    It’s early days yet and most content is short little experiences and mini games but making anything lengthy or more substantial is going to require more time than people previously had available to them during the betas.

    So it’s a very powerful toolset with exciting potential – just need to invest more time into it.

    And i played some more NMS.

  2. This week I decided to revisit AC Unity following the devastating fire at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris on Monday.

    Not my favourite AC game by any means – at least as far as the story and characters are concerned – but on an artistic level, it’s undoubtably in my top three.

    The glorious recreation of the Notre-Dame in particular (recreated by a Senior Level Artist, Caroline Miousse) is absolutely breathtaking. Caroline Miousse spent more than two years researching and constructing the iconic monument. And whilst not an exact replication (due to much of the artwork/windows being copyrighted), the result is a fully explorable 90% scale model of the real deal. Truly stunning work.

    That’s one of the things I love about Assassins Creed games. It’s not the gameplay or the story, it’s the chance to visit these magnificent places/periods in history.

    I was moved to hear that Ubisoft have pledged €500k to the Notre-Dame restoration fund and all of their research used in the development of the game.


  3. Played Dangerous Driving and got the Platinum for that fun wee game. Played Conan and admittedly cheated for the Platinum xD Since I was in a Platinum mood for past weeks I bought Slyde for 99p and got the Platinum in a minute lol!
    This week is World War Z and I am loving the game! Next week is Mortal Kombat 11 and Days Gone

  4. Same as the last few weeks really. With more Stellaris than is probably healthy. Might just have to start again there though, and treat the first many hours as a tutorial. It’s just ended up with a horrible lack of resources again.

    I did, however, squeeze in a few games of Bridge Crew in between my other VR shenanigans. Still people playing it. Still much more fun if you don’t take it quite so seriously.

  5. I managed to obtain the platinum on Spiderman, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Brilliant game.

    The odd few games of Apex Legends as usual.

    Now working my way towards the end game on Division 2.

    • Good to hear so much love over the past few weeks for Spiderman! That’s my next game, but since January I’ve played very little, half an hour here or there of Transistor and Alto’s Odyssey on my phone, the PlayStation is now a Netflix box. Meanwhile, I’ve been playing the sell, pack, move, rent and buy housing games almost simultaneously for two months and I’ve just realised it’s floored me. Im looking forward to May being a lot less busy!

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