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New Star Wars Battlefront II content inbound, Darth Maul can finally block

It’s been eighteen months since the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II and the updates keep on coming with DICE announcing another wave of free content.

This update isn’t quite as big as the recent Clone Wars expansions. Expect a new map and cosmetic items as well as the usual balance tweaks and fixes.

Headlining April’s fresh content drop is a new map based on the Wookie home world of Kashyyyk. Although we’ve seen this location used in the past, this time fans will be able to play Battlefront II’s new Capital Supremacy mode on the tropical furry paradise.

Here’s your mission briefing for the new mode/map pairing:

The map itself will play out from beach front up to the downed Venator Ship, with five command posts situated between them all.

As a droid, you’ll be spawning on the beach front, while the Clones will be utilising the downed Venator as their spawn location. Talking of the Venator, one thing you’ll notice when playing on Kashyyyk is that it’s now showing the effects of battle, as fire spreads across its hull and smoke billows upwards.

Introduced last month, Capital Supremacy is the newest game mode for Star Wars Battlefront II and is the closest we’ll get to merging the series’ cinematic land and space battles.

Although not quite as major, DICE is continuing to grow its catalogue of cosmetic items for heroes. Log into after this lateset update and you’ll get the chance to unlock a new skin for Leia Organa – her iconic princess garb from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This will be made available via a new community challenge.

DICE promises a huge rundown of gameplay changes, too, including reworks for various heroes, both Yoda and Darth Maul finally getting a block command. While we wait for the official patch notes, a provisional outline can be found via an official community update post.

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