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What We Played #396 – World War Z, Mortal Kombat 11 & Days Gone

The extra long bank holiday has thrown my body’s internal calendar off a little bit. I know today’s Friday, but I’m not entirely convinced it feels like Friday.

I spent a lot of my Easter weekend playing the addictive My Time at Portia, having finally decided that being able to take it with me on Switch is better than having it be a little bit prettier on PS4. I tore myself away from it to review BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!, which was a cute and quirky little puzzler, before grappling with the enormity of Imperator: Rome (unfortunately, I’ve missed the review embargo on this one). Lastly, I dipped in for a bit of Apex Legends, as per.

Checking in with the rest of the gang, we first come to Jim, who’s been playing Days Gone. A lot of Days Gone. It’s OK, but not much more than that: “Even compared to Sony’s recent glut of larger, open world games this one’s a whopper yet bigger doesn’t always mean better. While I’ve definitely had fun with it there’s no overlooking its flaws, from the grab story and characters to needless length and size of the damn thing.” Read more of his thoughts in our Days Gone review.

Nicole was on point for our World War Z review, which landed today: “It’s brainless shooter fun that I’ve grown to have an undeniable soft spot for.” Aside from that she’s “demolished” two more bosses in Hollow Knight, revisited Resident Evil 5 to mop up some trophies and has set aside some time to nab the Steins;Gate 0 platinum.

Miguel spent last weekend inflicting fatalities on all his opponents for our Mortal Kombat 11 review, but put it on the shelf after finishing the review because of the oppressive grind. Instead of that he’s been playing EDF: Iroon Rain and started Dragon Dogma on Switch.

It’s been yet more Sekiro for Jason, who’s written more than enough guides on the game to last a lifetime, and has also moved on to the “fantastic” port of Dragon’s Dogma on Switch. Meanwhile it’s been Killzone HD, some Heaven’s Vault NG+ and some more Snooker 19 for Steve this week.

Sticking to his Switch, Aran finished playing through the eminently enjoyable Super Mario Odyssey, before getting started on Masquerada for a review in a couple weeks time. Speaking of reviews, Nic B wrapped one up for Giga Wrecker Alt.

As usual, Tuffcub played Destiny 2, World War Z and the side-scrolling shmup Black Paradox, but in more interesting What We Watched news, he watched What We Do In The Shadows (5/10) and the Whitney documentary (9/10), before skipping off to see Avengers: Endgame last night. No spoilers from him, though. We’re not even going to give you his verdict!

Bringing up the rear this week, Dom has been recouperating from a busy Easter with Borderlands Remastered, Darksiders Warmastered, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on Switch, Cuphead on Switch and Forza 7 not on Switch.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Successfully avoided sales this week, which is a win for my backlog.

    Too many hours of Stellaris.

    Almost done with Agents of Mayhem. It’s fun enough in small doses.

    And quite satisfying VR achievements this week too. Some Honor & Duty, where the latest update seems to have turned 1 map (the smallest one) into just a complete free for all. Quite happy to come first there. It’s complete chaos though. 3 people spawn in front of you, shoot them all, run away quickly down some narrow corridors, switching to a shotgun to blast people in the back of the head, and then hope the almost constant grenade explosions don’t get you.

    And then VR achievement of the year was killing the top player in Firewall and winning the match. He’s got 19000 wins and just under 5000 loses, which must be the best part of 1000 hours playing (and waiting in the lobby – why can’t they put a bloody ready button in??). Quite pleased to kill him.

    Easter kind of messed everything up though. Never did get the point of Easter. The chocolate’s either shit or expensive. Or both.

    And nobody say anything about Avengers: Endgame. For various reasons, I don’t get to see it until next weekend. But at least it’s on an “Imax” screen, I guess.

    • No spoilers but I felt the same way about Endgame as I did when I saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 after the very excellent and near perfect Kill Bill Vol. 1. Just don’t go expecting Infinity War Pt2. Tonally very different movies (at least for the first hour or so). Really wasn’t what I expected tbh but I think I’l come to appreciate it more in time. Very funny in parts too but I won’t say any more about that. If you’ve avoided all the trailers like I had, everything will be a surprise. Overall I liked it but I think the kids will struggle with some story elements (and the first hour of the movie) when I take them on Sunday.

  2. MrYd – well done on killing the top player in Firewall I too had the same satifasfaction months ago xD what a feeling!
    This week has been a mad week of gaming. Played World War Z (what a fun game!) And completed it twice going to play again to get my guy higher ranking for better abilities and weapons upgraded for the highest diffuculty in the near future.
    Played Mortal Kombat 11 and didn’t arrive on Tuesday the day I was off work! Gah arrived on Wednesday put a few hours in before going to the midnight screening of Avengers: Endgame. I even kontinued playing Mortal Kombat 11 after the movie, then went to work and played more MK11 after work with sleep for 39hrs :0 (I know it is not healthy!)
    Lastly I have collected Days Gone today so will have a wee go on that tonight.
    Booked a week off work so that is my 3 new games sorted for the week xD

  3. Mostly AC:III Remastered this week. Oh how I’ve missed the old AC gameplay! As much as I enjoyed playing Origins and Odyssey, they really aren’t AC are they.

    One thing that did surprise me is the graphics. I know it’s a 10 year old game (this year) but the graphics are way poorer than I remember. To be fair I think there are issues with the ‘remastering’ (see youtube comparisons) but even so…

    I didn’t think the jump between last gen and this gen was THAT obvious but it’s huge. Not only the graphics but also the writing… oh the writing! The dialogue between Desmond and his Father in particular *cringe*.

    Still, it has been a largely enjoyable trip down AC memory lane. Definitely taking a break before I start AC: Liberation though.

  4. Out of my backlog, I played through The Lost Legacy over the last two weeks, and it turned out to be one of my favorite games in the Drake universe.
    I always found Chloe a really cool character in these games, but she’s even better in this one, I very much enjoyed the story and some of the dialogues were just brilliant. And they even copied some cool stuff from Tomb Raider. 10/10, best game I played this year.

  5. I’ve had a great week I was given review codes for Jupiter and Mars which was pretty cool, Table of Tales Crooked Crown which I highly recommend and Quivr which is not bad after you get the hang of the controls also a code for Suicide Guy which I have yet to try.
    Seen Avengers Endgame 3 time’s already which though not game related is incredible movie.
    Then today been waiting all day for the delivery guy to bring me Day’s Gone but about time he turned up my kids got home from school so not played it yet. I will have to play it tomorrow also this weekend I’m grabbing Space Junkies which at £12.99 seems like a no brainer.

  6. I’ve been delving more into Dreams, it’s mind blowing what you can do with the various tools. I was attempting to make some chilled background music by hand and then discovered you can build various stuff to produce endlessly changing generated music automatically! Some really cool and ingenious designs and games popping up in the community content too, this game engine has legs. I just wish it didn’t make my PS4Pro fan so noisy, it’s a little bit off-putting when you’re doing audio stuff.

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