Pre-orders for the Valve Index VR headset and accessories go live May 1st

The Valve Index VR headset along with its controllers and base station will be available to pre-order from tomorrow, May 1st, Valve has confirmed. Alongside the company has stated that orders should ship by June 28th. Valve are targetting the high-end market of VR enthusiasts which is reflected both in the price and the specifications to successfully run the hardware on PCs. You’re going to need a very decent one to take full advantage.

The PC specs required are:

OS Windows 10, SteamOS, Linux
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970+ or AMD RX480+Available DisplayPort required, HDMI not supported
CPU Dual Corewith hyperthreading, or better
USB 3.0+for headset cameras


Now for the pricing structure.

  • Valve Index VR Kit which includes Index Headset, Controllers, 2 Base Stations = £919.
  • Valve Index VR Headset + Controllers = £689
  • Valve Index VR Headset = £459
  • Valve Index Controllers = £259
  • Valve Index Base Stations = £139

You can purchase the items solo as they are compatible with the HTC Vive Pro and Vive. With Valve entering the PC VR market people will take notice, and it will likely have quite an impact on how HTC, Facebook, and other VR companies will react. While the tech may make waves the real test will be sales, and how consumers will respond to the price.

Source: Valve

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