The Swords of Ditto free Mormo’s Curse update and Switch version out today

The adorable Zelda-like rogue-lite The Swords of Ditto has been cursed with a free new update and expansion today. Mormo’s Curse has expanded and revamped the adventure in tons of ways, from removing permadeath to new weapons, enemies and bosses, and in addition to updating the game on PS4 and PC has also brought it to Nintendo Switch.


The cutesy co-op adventure RPG game originally released for PS4 and PC this time last year, and at launch Gareth wrote in our Swords of Ditto review, “The Swords of Ditto is a good looking, adorable and funny game that is held back a little bit by its time limit. I would love to explore the island and its quirky sense of humour at my own pace, but the constant ticking clock makes it feel like you’re being rushed through the environment.” This update has looked to improve the experience all round, with the removal of permadeath a major change that could make it more appealing.

One little snag is that’s affecting the game is that the Switch version’s day one update is waiting approval before it can go live. The following issues are awaiting LotCheck approval, and will be patched out soon:

  • Players die in failed stories in Regular and Relaxed Modes instead of being returned to their house
  • Players are returned to their house in Regular and Relaxed Modes if they die while climbing Mormo Palace and their game is saved into a state where they are unable to leave the next room
    • [PREVENTION] Ensuring that you are in Hero Mode (via Options) when dying in Mormo Palace will prevent this issue from occurring.
    • If you have a save game where you are unable to leave the home room, a fix has been made and will be available in 1.15.xx. If you wish to continue playing before 1.15.xx is live, then you will unfortunately have to start a new game.
  • Touchscreen does not work in handheld mode

A further update, to version 1.15.00, is also in the pipeline for all platforms fixing the following:

  • Game crashes if Vampire Ring is equipped when Mormo’s eye crystals are destroyed (PS4 & NS)
  • Game crashes if Vampire Ring is used on the teleporters in the Laser Ring Trial Dungeon (PS4 & NS)
  • Fix for players who got stuck in the room outside their home if they died in Mormo Palace (NS)

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