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What We Played #397 – Borderlands 3, F1 2019 & Dragon’s Dogma

It’s been a pretty big week, with a few of us venturing out into the wide open world to attend video game events. Personally, it was a trip to Hamburg for a hands on preview event with F1 2019, which is shaping up rather nicely as one of Codemasters’ most expansive efforts yet. The Nintendo Switch kept me company on the flight, but I struggled to settle in on any one particular game, flitting back and forth between Portia, Yoshi’s Crafted World and a few others.

Dom’s had an even more adventurous week, having jetted off to LA for the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal event. Unfortunately he got stuck in Atlanta passport control and missed a connection, making him an even sleepier boy than usual. Still, he liked what he saw at the event and got to play plenty of Final Fantasy XII and Dragon’s Dogma on Switch while travelling.

Jason also enjoyed a bit of Dragon’s Dogma on Switch, supplementing this with Risk of Rain 2 and [redacted], while Gamoc played Super Blood Hockey for review, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, KOTOR on his phone, and finished off South Park: The Fractured but Whole, which he said “was very funny, at least as offensive as it is funny, but fell apart story-wise towards the end.”

It was a second run through of Heaven’s Vault for Steve, a “fairly random” playthrough of Bard’s Tale Remastered and he got started with Darksiders III. He’s now off to a medieval reenactment this weekend, so will have to deal with digital withdrawal symptoms for a few days.

Tuffcub played Destiny 2, “cos like obvs”, but is hoping for more new content soon. Aside from that he’s been enjoying The Surge, had a love (and slightly hate) relationship with Black Paradox, and has just started A Plague Tale: Innocence, but can’t talk about it just yet.

Dragon’s Dogma was also on Miguel’s playlist, “and this time I swear I will actually play the full game and not stop after I create my pawn like I did the last 3 times!” He also played and reviewed one of his all-time favourite visual novels, VA-11 Hall-A, and has been dabbling with more Mortal Kombat 11 and EDF: Iron Rain.

Deciding to go off the genre deep end, Ade’s playing a Vietnam War-based RTS called Radio Commander. All you have is a radio and basic map, so you have to extrapolate where your units are, figure out where the enemy is and more with almost no visual stimuli. It’s due to be the basis of a new Playing with History article soon.

Nic’s continued with Giga Wrecker Alt., having reviewed it last week, and Aran played Masquerada on Switch and started Metro: Exodus. He’s enjoying it so far, but needs to conserve his ammo a bit better.

That’s us, but what about you? Let us know what you’ve played in the comments below.

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  1. Glad I picked the right week off work this week. Been playing World War Z, Mortal Kombat 11 and picked up the Platinum #379 on Wednesday also gained a new Trophy Level to 65.
    Currently playing Days Gone and I am loving it! Going to complete it/platinum this weekend.
    Best gaming moment was MK11 when I received a message and a free gift for being in the top 0.4% Percentile! Was really chuffed with that.

    On Sunday going to see Avengers: Endgame for a 3rd time xD lol also a wee heads up to those who haven’t seen the Endgame, the spoiler ban will be lifted on Monday for actors, directors, writers talking about Endgame!

    And oh poor Dom!

  2. It’s all about Days Gone for me this week. What a game! Loving every second so far. Gameplay is excellent – very reminiscent of The Last of Us. The map is nice and varied, with several regions to explore. The weather effects might be the best I’ve seen in any open world game to date – from blistering sun to heavy rain and snowy blizzards (snow storms are particularly impressive). Item management is intuitive and crafting works well. I wasn’t sure about the dialogue or the main plot in the early hours of the game but I’m really enjoying it now (20+ hours in).

    I feel like I’m playing a different game to the one that was critiqued so harshly by the major gaming sites. Days Gone isn’t perfect, but it’s not quite the letdown we’ve been led to believe it is either. And it isn’t anything close to resembling a 6/7 game – at the very least an 8.5 (imo of course).

    Thankfully the general public haven’t been deterred by the critics, with Days Gone going straight in at number one – and with the biggest physical sales launch in the UK (so far) this year. Not bad for a new IP when you consider the competition… Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, Mortal Combat 11 – all of which are popular and well established franchises.

    If you’re on the fence or put off by the major gaming site reviews – don’t be. Days Gone is absolutely deserving of your time.

    • I 100% agree!
      I can’t put my contoller down!

    • I agree about Days Gone. It’s not without issues though they’re minor and some I believe are an intentional part of the design.

      I especially love the world that Bend have crafted and the character interaction. Some reviews I read heavily criticized the script and story which makes me wonder how much of the game they actually played.
      I’m happy to see it’s garnering good sales despite the lukewarm critical response.

      The more I play it, the more I’m loving it. I really can’t overstate my affection for the game. By the time I’m done I know it’s going to be in my top 3 games of this generation.

  3. Feel sorry for Dom. Hartsfield-Jackson is a horrible airport to use, never mind get stuck in.

    • I can tell you now the benches are not designed for sleeping! We made the most of it and had a pub crawl going terminal to terminal though so it wasn’t all bad ;)

  4. Same as previous weeks, really.

    With lots of Path of Exile too. Starting to see the problem with the passive skill tree. It’s too big, and easy to make poor choices.

    Funniest moment of the week was Honor and Duty. Had an almost full match. In free for all mode. The map is clearly not big enough for that. At any time, at least 1 or 2 others are shooting at you. Or hiding in a corner with a shotgun. 30 seconds in, and everyone is just laughing at how silly it is. The most laughing and random squealing I’ve ever heard in a game.

    And now a weekend of very little gaming. Avengers tomorrow (on a pretend Imax screen), and mildly obscure band playing a 30 year old album tonight. (So obscure they were only the second ever to have 12 UK top 30 singles in a year. 27 years ago. So I’m feeling old today)

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