EA Access subscription service comes to PlayStation 4 in July

EA Access, a subscription service that offers access to a large swathe of EA games and gives advance trials of games, is coming to PlayStation 4 this July, the company have revealed. When it launches, it will be priced at £19.99 per year or £3.99 per month.

This follows rumours from earlier this year, as low quality photos emerged with EA Access featuring in the PlayStation Store.


EA Access started off on Xbox One back in 2014, and it was mooted at the time that Sony had decided not to allow EA to bring the subscription service to PlayStation 4. A PC counterpart, Origin Access, launched in 2016 with a broader Origin Access Premier announced at E3 2018. EA games are typically added to Access’ Vault around half a year after release, while offering 10 hour trials of games a week before their launch, but Premier goes beyond that to give the full games to subscribers at that time.

The details of the games to be included as part of the service have yet to be revealed, but where Xbox One offers backward compatibility to Xbox 360 and Xbox games, that won’t be possible on PlayStation 4.

You’ve never heard of him, let alone the job position of Executive VP of Strategic Growth, but true to his job title, Matt Bilbey has shepherded this through. He said, “As we continue to invest in digital and subscription services, bringing our games to even more people across both consoles is an exciting opportunity for everyone. Our goal is to give players more choice to try and play our games wherever and however they choose and we’re happy to bring the service to PlayStation 4.”

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  1. Surprise! (not)

  2. That’s not going to be a great deal with only PS4 games, is it?

    A quick google finds a handy list of 50 games. And 1 of those is Apex Legends, so that doesn’t count.

    Take out the yearly sports games, and it’s down to 31. And if we ignore games that have a sequel, it’s only 21.

    I’ve no interest in sports games at all, and I’ve already got some of their games, leaving just 7 games. And from playing the demo of Mass Effect: Andromeda, it’s shit. So 6 games for £20. Less if some of those aren’t included.

    What did Sony say years ago about the value? Nothing’s changed, has it?

    • No sure what you’re looking at the PS4 list of games has not been released. If your looking at the Xbox list then that’s no good, half of them are 360 games.

      EA PS3 games have recently started showing up on PS Now, so that’s where you can play those.

      As EA Access will have to have 50 PS4 games. rathern that 25 ps4 games and 25 rubbish games on PS3, it should actually be better value than the Xbox version.

      • Sorry, obviously didn’t make it clear enough. That’s 50 games they’ve released on PS4 so far. Not the games they’ll put on EA Access.

    • I think it’s only really viable if you’re interested in those ten hour trials for the new releases. For something like Anthem that probably didn’t do them any favours but it’s cool if you’re sat on the fence about something.

      Besides that it’s been mainly for playing NHL when I wouldn’t normally buy it.

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