Love Actually star Bill Nighy has “ancient Pokémon wall hangings”

Sometimes this job is an utter joy, not very often to be honest, but this is one of those moments as news reaches us that veteran actor and star of Love Actually, Doctor Who, Underworld, and Pirates of the Caribbean, Bill Nighy, bloody loves him some Pokémon.

Bill stars in the new Detective Pikachu movie alongside Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu himself, and Justice Smith, with Bill playing anthropologist and entrepreneur Howard Clifford. Bill had missed out on Pokémania –  “generationally disqualified” he quips –  but did extensive research for the movie and in the process became a fan.

“I did a crash course in Pokémon lore and bought every book available, including the deeply impressive Pokédex,” says Nighy, referring to the Pokémon encyclopaedia. “I love the collecting.” Since becoming a fan Bill has amassed a number of rare items including a limited-edition Pikachu given to him by the CEO of the Pokémon Company.

In the movie, which is out tomorrow, Bill’s character has “ancient Pokémon wall hangings, punched out in ancient stone, or at least given the appearance of that,” in his office and Nighy liked them so much he’s nabbed them for his house. “I now own them,” he said, “They are absolutely enormous. They weigh a tonne. They’re in my cellar at the moment because I have to find a wall strong enough to hold them.”

If you’re wondering which Pokémon is Bill’s favourite, he says “The ancient Mew was probably my top, top favourite because he’s just majestic and he was the very first … He was elegant and powerful.”

Bill has yet to dive in to Pokémon Go but has plans to do so.

In Strasbourg.

“Someone told me they went Pokémon hunting in Strasbourg, which made an impression on me,” he said, as if that’s any sort of explanation.

Source: The Guardian

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