Get some further education in Cities: Skylines – Campus expansion

Having just celebrated its fourth birthday, Cities: Skylines is leaving the nest and heading off to university – they grow up so fast! The Campus DLC will be coming out on 21st May for the PC version of the game, greatly expanding the education system you can build in your city for $12.99.


Prospective students can take advantage of new Trade School, Liberal Arts and University buildings, as you try to attract more students to your city with Academic Works. Further to that, you can go all American with varsity sports arenas – you can hire team coaches and go for prizes, even – or add new unique faculties and city policies to encourage higher education.

For the rest of us, all players will get two new library buildings, a yellow school bus, job titles added to citizen info panels, and new industry policies in a free update. There’s also two paid new radio stations and a themed University City content creator pack to create your own little student-ville, designed by Mike “KingLeno” Leno.

Source: press release

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