What We Played #398 – Destiny 2, Borderlands & Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

It’s been a short week for most lucky people – not me, but it’s OK, I’m not bitter about it – so a weekend full of gaming is once again already on the cards. I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun this week, as I’ve been drowning myself in old shooters by returning to the original Borderlands and Rage, both of which still hang together really well. Besides them I also played Tales from the Borderlands (are you sensing a theme?), as well as Monster Hunter World, FIFA 18, Dragon’s Dogma and Final Fantasy XII.

Tuffcub has settled into more Black Paradox, Destiny 2, Anthem (though only for an hour before he sent it back to the rental company), and A Plague Tale: Innocence which you can find out his thoughts about next week!

Booting up his PC, Tom has played a bunch of Yakuza Kiwami 2 on PC, reviewed Fade to Silence, and added to this with Akane, Rocket League and another failed attempt at a flawless Last Wish raid in Destiny 2. Fingers crossed for next time, eh?

There was a bunch of stuff on Steve’s review bench, as he played the “polished and Bioshocky” Close to the Sun, the “chuffing hard” Dark Deception, and the “freaking terrifying” Darkwood. He also found time for the first Guacamelee and inFamous.

Jason started playing and enjoyed Terraria and Final Fantasy XIV, while Nick has be doing a lot of grinding this week. He’s “kompleted” over 100 towers in MK11, and been grinding skill points in Sekiro so he can finally nab the platinum trophy for it.

Jim also played Sekiro this week, but for the first time. Thankfully it clicked with him immediately, in a way that FromSoftware’s games haven’t since the original Demon’s Souls. It’s largely down to how straightforward the game is compared to the intervening games. He also booted up Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed while he impatiently taps his oversized red sneakers waiting for Team Sonic Racing.

Nicole restrained herself from picking up Days Gone, and so has ventured into the Commonwealth of Fallout 4 instead, as Aran tucked into his second season managing Ebbsfleet to the League 2 title in Football Manager 19 on Switch. There was also some more Metro Exodus, but he’s not been as ensnared as he was by the first two games.

Gamoc kicked back and relaxed with some Tetris Effect, a bit of Saints Row The Third on Switch and Quar for review, and a lot of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (now hitting the 60 hour mark). Jake’s relaxation was more enforced, as he’s been unwell and hibernating to get better. That’s kept him from hunting down a shiny Aipom on Pokémon Go, but he has been enjoying his time with Days Gone and has already grabbed the Outbreak Perfected exotic from the latest Destiny 2 content update.

Miguel has been playing more VA-11 Hall-A on Switch and Dragon’s Dogma on Switch. His roommate then joined him for a couple hours of Baba Is You, also on Switch, and he’s been dabbling with the Nintendo/Cygames mobile game Dragalia Lost thanks to the Fire Emblem crossover event and all the big quality of life changes they’ve made recently.

Finally, Tef has been playing Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, getting in his regular doses of Apex Legends, and switching on his Switch for some Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy cases and some The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Got the Platinum on Mortal Kombat 11
    Failed to plat Days Gone as it was a bit longer than I thought haha hopefully this weekend.
    Did not play World War Z due to a glitch that the weapons wouldnt level up!

    • Congrats on the plat mate! As much as I’d like to chase that Days Gone 100% I think it’s gonna take too much time :(

  2. Still chipping away at Days Gone which is easily my GOTY (so far). Just stunning.

    I read somewhere that the initial launch sales for Days Gone in Japan were double that of God of War and just slightly under HZD. Crazy! Also no.1 in France/Spain/Italy. Doing well in all regions it seems. Excellent news! Another successful Playstation exclusive!

    So pleased to for Sony Bend – very much deserved and hopefully, this will guarantee a sequel next gen. I think it would work really well in a large city overrun with freakers. Being able to explore abandoned skyscrapers and clearing out hoards in underground parking lots. There’s definitely room to expand but I’d be happy if they kept the core gameplay exactly as it is now.

    • Days Gone seems to be tracking very well. I’m still plugging away at it and I’m happy others are really enjoying it.

  3. Just Dreams for me, the music editor is still taking up most of my time thus far but having seen some of the stunning visualisers that others have created im going to have to start experimenting with the visual side of things soon.

    • The music editor is impressive, but I found it far too fiddly to get any notes in the right place. And playing anything and recording it is just awkward. Kind of wish it’d let you connect a proper Midi keyboard with USB, but I guess that’d only be good for a limited number of users. I’ve got a pretty decent sized one and I do like to play with lots of knobs as well, but I’m guessing I’m in a small minority there.

      • When you finish fiddling with the knobs you can create some sort of ‘roses on yer piano’ scene … ;)

        Mm had some sort of OSC implementation over the internet which allowed folks to input midi data – but they disabled it this week saying they would bring it back again later on. There is also supposedly the potential for using a Qwerty keyboard to perform but it hasn’t been documented anywhere yet and i couldn’t get it to work. Performing with a DS4 is less than ideal alright – easy to string a few notes together but performing a longer melody accurately is fiddly but at least you can record a few notes at a time and join everything up afterwards.

      • I didn’t know about that feature, and it’s a bit late if it’s been removed, at least for now.

        How well would that work though? If you’ve got to send Midi data from your keyboard to a PC (either through a Midi interface or most probably direct over USB these days), and then to the PS4 over your network? Latency has to be an issue there. I guess it could work for just inputting notes onto a piano-roll. But playing and recording in real time?

        Direct USB Midi support doesn’t look like it can ever be an option, unfortunately.

        And apparently there’s a way to import audio from the website and use that, but I’ve no idea where it is. That could be the best option. Do it in your preferred DAW and export the whole lot, or even individual bits and play with those. (My new Midi controller came with some nice recreations of a bunch of old analogue synths, so I’d quite like to use them, really. If I can avoid the temptation to just use the CS-80 sounds and make everything sound like Blade Runner)

      • There was an import feature on the indreams.me website but they removed it during the beta – apparently someone uploaded a shed load of copyright material. They intend having the feature back for the full release though.

        I’m just getting a buzz out of seeing what i can achieve with the tools provided – my first attempts were terrible but i learned in the process and am a bit more confident with it now. Hope to see some of your work soon, just jump in and see what happens. Anything i can help with psn me.

  4. So, in answer to my question last week about Overcooked…

    Yes, it gets hard when you’re playing with yourself.

    It’s also a pretty shit game. And combined with a not bad but very short game, it’s definitely the worst PS+ month in a long time.

    Which is good, because, oh look, a sale. So I picked up Dragon Quest XI. Which is lots of fun if you like old-fashioned turn-based JRPGs. Which I do, so that’s good. The silly monster names are a bonus. Sham Hatwitches indeed.

    And then because it had an update and TC said it was worth a go, I picked up Grip. Which is definitely worth a go at that current PSN price.

    Apart from that, a bit of the usual stuff, and a long weekend without much gaming. But I did get to see Avengers: Endgame, which didn’t disappoint. And a mildly obscure jangly 80s indie band just to make me feel old.

  5. Platinumed Days Gone on Tuesday evening and I’m still playing it, searching for more collectibles and finishing off every single horde.

    Utterly beautiful and compelling game, just phenomenal. I’ve decided it’s in my top 10 of all time and with 30+ years of gaming behind me I can give it no higher accolade than that (well, I could but the sentiment is obvious).

    Thankyou, Bend and Sony.

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