Days Gone player gets into the city and it could be a great DLC location

Days Gone has to be considered a massive success for Sony Bend and the PS4. Even though it was met with a lukewarm reception critically it has been performing very well when it comes to sales, topping the UK chart and already beating the lifetime sales of the latest God of War in Japan. This signals an audience that would want more of Deacon’s adventure through the freaker infested wilderness of Farewell.

Maybe that additional content could move from the wilderness for a little bit and swap the trees and dirt for buildings and pavements. Well one player, Reddit user Vincicenzo, managed to make it into town albeit it through a very specific set of random circumstances. It was during a questline featuring a lot of flashbacks, and during one transition the player was attacked which led to the cutscene repeating, which was skipped and that’s how you find Deacon running around this abandoned town. I don’t think Google Maps will get you there.


I accidentally got into the modern day city from r/DaysGone

While there’s very little of interest in the vicinity with a lot of scenery that can be walked through, it does spark the imagination. Just imagine a freaker horde smashing through those buildings and down the narrow streets. Maybe Sony Bend have already thought about it?

Source: Reddit

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