The patch notes for the Switch version of Saints Row The Third have arrived

There have been some issues with Saints Row: The Third for Switch since it launched, not least that the day one patch didn’t actually arrive on day one, meaning bugs that should have been sorted still plague the game. Today, Deep Silver has revealed what Switch owners of Saints Row: The Third can expect to be improved as the patch notes are here. The patch itself isn’t live yet though with that expected to arrive on May 16th.

The full patch notes are below:

  • added low-resolution particle rendering and related performance update
  • added credits sequence updates to icons & names
  • fixed an issue where audio would desync after switching to the main menu and back
  • subtitle fixes for female character customization
  • fixed user confirmation pop-up to reconnect to Nintendo Switch Online after connection loss
  • fixed auto matchmaking for public game play
  • fixed DLC Russian & Japanese localization
  • crash fix: forced termination may occur after selecting “End game” on the pose screen
  • general iterative bugfixes and performance optimizations
  • infinite loading screen fixed
  • fixed International & Japanese subtitles and lip sync

This is just the first rush with more fixes expected further down the line. If there are issues you do experience that aren’t addressed by the patch Deep Silver has asked that feedback is given through filling out a form.

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Source: Deep Silver

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