Void Bastards blasts prisoners into space at the end of May

The BioShock-meets-roguelite shooter Void Bastards is coming to PC and Xbox One on 29th May, Humble Bundle and developer Blue Manchu have announced today. Oh, and it’ll be heading onto Xbox Game Pass on day one.


The game drops a prison ship into the Sargasso Nebula, setting one prisoner loose at a time to try and scavenge their way from ship to ship and escape the void. A procedurally generated adventure, the gameplay has a lot in common with that of BioShock and System Shock 2, leading you to take your time and consider your approach instead of rushing in like a fool. Wrapped around that, you have the strategising and planning that goes into deciding which ships to land on, when you need to gather resources, and when you need to back out and save your skin.

We had a good look at the game a couple months ago, so make sure to check out our hands on Void Bastards preview before its release. I mean, it won’t be completely invalidated after the game is out, but… well, you know.

Source: press release

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