Samurai Shodown slices its way to consoles in June

Rekindling the magic of the 1993 classic for modern hardware, the stylish fighting game action of Samurai Showdown is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on 25th June, SNK and Athlon Games have now announced.

In a nice touch, early adopters who pre-order the game will receive the Season Pass for free. The promotion is available through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store and physical retailers, but you need to head onto the console stores and download the Season Pass by 30th June.


The game is thoroughly modern, but its story mode is actually a sequel to the 1993 game, letting you pick any of the characters and experience their personal journey. Single player is joined by a training mode, online multiplayer and a new Dojo Mode. This does something similar to Forza’s Drivatars, with the game watching and analysing your play style, turning it into an AI avatar that people can then download and fight against.

SNK Lead Producer, Yasuyuki Oda said, “Dojo Mode has been a franchise aspiration for the team for some time now and an evolution to the fighting genre that we’re very proud of. Not only will it give players the opportunity to play against the ghosts of some of the best Samurai Shodown players in the world, but playing against your own ghost will prove an amazing tool to learn more about your own playstyle.”

While the game is out for PS4 and Xbox One in June, other gamers will also get to play eventually. It’s planned for Switch in Q4 2019, while PC gamers will have to wait until an unspecified “later date”.

Make sure to check out our hands on Samurai Shodown preview. Nick had a ton of fun with the game, saying “it retains a lot of what people loved about the original, but can also serve as a jumping on point for newcomers who don’t want to worry about its history. If it’s looking this good now, I cannot wait to see what the finished product looks like.”

Source: press release

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