Code Vein’s network test dated for the end of May

The naughty, naughty teases that they are, Bandai Namco announced a network test for the upcoming Code Vein just last week, but didn’t tell us when it would be! We now know that it will be held between 4AM BST on 31st May until 8AM BST on 3rd June, giving players just a few days to check the game out.

The Closed Network Test will be available on Xbox One for Xbox Live Gold members and PlayStation 4 for all players (you won’t need PlayStation Plus). Players will get to creat a character, play through the game’s opening and tackle an online co-op dungeon.


However, if you want to take part you’ll have to register your interest, and can do so here. Places are limited, so make sure to do that sooner rather than later.

Code Vein is Bandai Namco’s upcoming anime-styled Souls-like, heading for PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime later this year. Jason spent some time with the game not too long ago, and you should check out his Code Vein preview if you’re interested. He wrote, “The ridiculous weeaboo storyline and character design will fit the tastes of plenty of people, so it’s all about the game itself at this point,” but also that, “Once I got home, I found myself a little irked that I couldn’t play it, which is always a good sign.”

Source: press release

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