What We Played #399 – A Plague Tale: Innocence, Team Sonic Racing & Rage 2

Hello! The sun has been shining, so we should all be in an unfeasibly good mood, and there’s been some great games recently to keep those good times rolling once you’ve headed indoors. I’ve been generally getting stuck into some big game reviews this week. First up was our Rage 2 review, with its excellently frenzied combat and less immediately fun open world, and I followed that up with a chaser of a Team Sonic Racing review, which is a decent kart racer and has some interesting ideas, but doesn’t feel essential.

Besides that, I’ve snuck in some Final Fantasy XII, and spent time with Totally Accurate Battle Simulator with my son. We both think it’s brilliant!

Ade’s been enjoying the clear blue skies… of the Outrun-inspired Horizon Chase Turbo. “My three year old loves it, my girlfriend loves it, and thanks to split screen we can play it all together!”

Meanwhile, Jason has been hooked by Terraria, which he says hasn’t happened since Sekiro (so, about two months, then?). He’s also played some Rage 2, but found it a bit disappointingly tame compared to the marketing.  Speaking of which, Nick played Days Gone and found it to be a “by the numbers, drab, annoying game.” He’s not sure why he’s still playing it, but has been taking regular breaks to get onto Black Ops 4 and Mortal Kombat 11.

From one Nick to the other Nics. Nicole’s quest to defeat her backlog of games has seen her grappling with Fallout 4 all week on the hunt for a platinum trophy. She’s finished the Brotherhood of Steel storyline, so has now turned to bobbleheads and a few other trophies in playthrough number two. The final Nic (Bunce, in this case) has played an awful lot of Magic: The Gathering Arena, making the most of the new War of the Spark set.

Taking a break from Dest… oh, who are we kidding? Of course Tuffcub’s played some Destiny 2, but it played third fiddle to finishing his A Plague Tale: Innocence review, which he thinks is a little bit fab, and My Little Riding Champion. He was streaming it for Level-Clear. It’s quite something:

Aran’s been playing For The King, and will be sharing his thoughts on that in his review next week, while Gamoc has been playing Quar and American Fugitive, also for review in the near future. His writing assignment for this week saw him laying into Saints Row: The Third on Nintendo Switch.

Variety is the spice of life, and so Steve has been playing a heady mix of Close to the Sun, Darkwood, inFamous and Detective Pikachu, while Miguel found himself coming back to Fortnite, thanks to his girlfriend being addicted to it and the John Wick crossover event they’re doing. He also played some Baba is You, got started with Little Friends Dogs & Cats on Switch, and has had his brain turned to mush by Brain Age: Concentration Training on 3DS.

Jim went back to Ancient China again, but did so through the lens of our Total War: Three Kingdoms review instead of Dynasty Warriors. “Like most Total War games, is a bloody whopper,” he said. “While not as immediately appealing as the studio’s recent Warhammer spin-offs, it’s still deep and rewarding.”

Finally, Tef has sampled some of Bigben’s upcoming gaming catalogue, including Bee Simulator, Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory and Warhammer: Chaosbane. On his travels, he’s spent time with The Swords of Ditto on Switch, and got a couple of rounds in on Apex Legends, which is still very morish for him despite not having really expanded over the past couple months.

Now then, what have you played?

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