Dauntless launches today with full cross-play for PS4, Xbox One and PC

The free-to-play co-op monster hunting of Dauntless is out today for PS4, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store, but developers Phoenix Labs have one last trick up their sleeves, announcing that its full launch has come with “true cross-play” between all three platforms. While there’s many developers that have stated a desire to feature cross-play, Dauntless is one of the few games that have managed to deliver upon it.

It goes beyond simply playing together with people on another platform, as Phoenix Labs describe this as “One Dauntless”. In other words, you have one Dauntless account and take that with you wherever you like. There’s a cross-platform, cross-progression system in place that lets you pick up where you left off on whatever console you like.


The game leverages Epic Games’ cross-play infrastructure to enable this, and so you will need an Epic Games account for cross-play to work. You do not, to the best of my knowledge, require an Epic account to play the game in general, however.

There’s some important steps for existing players to follow if you wish to link accounts, but for newcomers, it’s a relatively straightforward process of downloading the game and logging in or creating accounts. You can find the details on the Dauntless website.

Jesse Houston, CEO and Co-founder, Phoenix Labs said, “When we first started talking about ‘One Dauntless,’ we knew it was a truly audacious goal. No one has ever launched on console with full cross-play support from the start, but we believed in our vision and, thankfully, our friends at Epic Games, Sony, and Microsoft did too. Keeping the community connected is one of our top priorities, and with all the new players coming in at launch, there’s never been a better time to be a Slayer in Dauntless.”

Dauntless is, to put it bluntly, heavily inspired by Monster Hunter, as you head out into the world and do battle with imposing Behemoths. These multi-part battles are key to your progression through the RPG side of the game, as you take the resources earnt from fallen beasts and turn them into weapons and gear. However, Dauntless has been designed from the ground up for a more connected form of online game, with a dedicated communal hub more in the vein of Destiny.

This is the full launch of Dauntless, after spending a year in open beta on PC. For the three million people that played the game in its previous incarnations, this is a major update that will introduce a main campaign overhaul, changing quests, crafting and communal sides of the game. A new Mastery system is also in place from the beta which is being formalised in the full game. This also kicks off the Hidden Blades season of content and introduce a new Hunt Pass with a stream of cosmetics and content to unlock

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