Twisted Metal TV show in production at PlayStation Productions

It seems like only yesterday that Sony announced PlayStation Productions, a new arm of the company that will create television shows and films based on PlayStation IPs. Oh wait, it was just yesterday, and now we have news of the first title in production.

At today’s Sony’s investor relations meeting it was confirmed by Tony Vinciquerra from Sony Pictures that a television show based on the classic vehicle combat game Twisted Metal is in early production. No further details were released.

It’s an interesting choice for one of their first projects and unlike many of their other franchises such as Killzone or Wipeout, it probably won’t require huge amounts of expensive CGI. Get some big ass vehicles, race them round run down area of Detroit and you’re half way there.

The first video game was set in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, 2005, and the second also featured that city alongside tracks in Moscow, Paris, and New York. There wasn’t much of a story, ‘here’s a big race you should win it’ was about as far as plots went back in 1995, but characters seemingly had wishes granted by the competition creator, Calypso.

There’s a couple more games after that before we reach 2012’s Twisted Metal which actually had a plot, well, quite a few plots as each character had a story. In that game we discover former ice cream salesman Sweet Tooth, also known as “Needles Kane”, murdered his family and is searching for the one daughter who evaded his slaughter. The story for biker Daniel Grimm involves time travel, and Krista Sparks, aka Dollface, is a famous supermodel on a quest for perfection and the biggest runway in the world.

As the series progressed Calypo’s back story was broadened and he eventually became a devil like figure who consumes the souls of those who die in the racing battles. Lovely chap.

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