Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is updating the game’s single player adventure mode

Crash Team Racing’s Nitro-Fueled remake is racing to release in just under a month on 21st June, and now developers Beenox have taken the lid off some of the tweaks and changes that they’ve been making as they update the game for 2019. It goes far beyond just giving it new graphics and being done with it, as they dig into the adventure mode and the more modern options that they’ve fed into it.


There will be two options available to you, a Classic mode which is exactly as you will remember and a Nitro Fueled mode, where there’s some tweaks to customisation and characters. You still pick from Crash, Coco, Cortex and all the other characters to start, and you still earn new characters like Ripper Roo and Pinstripe Pontoroo, but you’ll now be able to switch and choose character, kart and customisations between races, which you couldn’t do before.

You’re also rewarded more regularly. Bosses are unlocked after beating them, with Gem Cups now throwing out different rewards, but winning any race will earn you new Kart parts, character skins or kart customisations. Don’t worry that you’ll miss out if you only picked Classic mode, though, because even if you can’t swap characters and karts in that mode, you’re still earning the rewards for use in other modes.

The adventure mode was a real standout part of the original Crash Team Racing, leaning on the same kind of hub world design of the Crash platformers. It’s great to see it preserved and improved like this, and developers Beenox sat down with PlayStation Underground to demo a lot of this in a long 20 minute video, which you can find above. It really shows just how good the game looks, with spruced up graphics that pop and really feel like a modern game.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 21st June.

Source: EU PS Blog

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