SCUF unveil a new pro controller for Xbox One

SCUF have long been one of the biggest names in high end gaming peripherals, with their range of highly customisable gamepads garnering a lot of fans in esports circles. Two years since their last attempt, they’ve announced a new controller for the Xbox One, the SCUF Prestige.


The Prestige is more of an in-house design than before, where the SCUF Elite was essentially a customisable version of the Xbox Elite controller, which already incorporated SCUF’s rear paddle designs. It still has the same overall form of an Xbox One controller, but there’s been a lot of tinkering behind the faceplate.

Of course, you can pick your own face plate, sticks, colours, and more, but there’s plenty of technical changes too. It now supports Bluetooth, which means that it can be used with Xbox One, PC and Android phones, and it’s got a built in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours. SCUF have also overhauled the triggers with their own customisable hair trigger set up and switches, and if you want a lighter controller, you can omit the rumble motors.

The controller starts at £129.99/€159.99 before you start customising it, but the most expensive it can go is £155.46. It’s available for pre-order now, with shipping to occur within 30 days.

Source: press release

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