THQ Nordic say the Epic Games Store is the “leading digital platform” for sales of Metro Exodus

THQ Nordic’s latest financial results revealed that Metro Exodus had sold well, in fact it was the largest game launch the company had ever had, and they also stated that the “absolute majority” of sales were on consoles. They did not reveal exact figures for PC sales.

As the game is exclusive to the Epic Games Store the furious keyboard warriors around the world quickly took to Reddit to claim the game had bombed due to the exclusivity deal, I stumbled across some across some of the posts and they were quite vitriolic and smug.


Unfortunately, they were wrong.

“Epic Games store has exceeded our expectations in terms of sales in actual units of both Metro Exodus and Satisfactory during the quarter,” explained THQ Nordic’s CEO Lars Wingefors. “Epic Games store is in fact the group’s leading digital platform in terms of revenue generated by units sales in the quarter ending March.”

Epic take a smaller cut of the price of a game, just 12% vs the 30% taken by Valve for Steam, and around the same by Sony and Microsoft on their relevant store fronts. That would explain why the Epic Games Store is profitable to some extent, but clearly they sold a lot of games.

As for the earlier statement that “absolute majority”of sales were on consoles, Wingefors has took to Twitter to explain. “About console share of Metro Exodus sales,” he tweeted, “(I) was referring to the two console platforms combined – both physical and digital revenue. This is still the majority of the revenues of Metro Exodus.”

Clearly plenty of people are happy to use the Epic Game Store and it is making the publishers and developers plenty money. In the end it’s cold hard cash that investors and shareholders are interested in, so I don’t think the Epic Game Store, or indeed exclusivity deals, will be going anywhere.

Source: PCGamesN / Twitter

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