Star Ocean First Departure R has been announced for PS4 and Switch

Square Enix made an announcement yesterday about a remake as the publisher confirmed the existence of Star Ocean First Departure R, which is a remake of Star Ocean First Departure which released on PSP in 2007. That itself was a remake of the very first Star Ocean game that was exclusive to Japan when it arrived for the Super Famicom in 1996. So that makes Star Ocean First Departure R a remake of a remake. This new version of the game is heading to PS4 and Switch.


There is very little information other than confirmation but we do know that the game will feature text and voice in both English and Japanese. With E3 just three weeks away there will no doubt be more information making its way out of Square Enix HQ about Star Ocean First Departure R, which will likely include gameplay footage and maybe a release date of each version.

Source: Twitter

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